We have tracked down 50 of the nation’s most interesting climate change experts and wrote Protecting the Planet: Environmental Champions from Conservation to Climate Change to highlight these heroes’ lives and work.  One of our book's features is describing the past environmental champions who contributed mightily to our nation's conservation history. We assess how the methods the past champions used in accomplishing their goals could be applied to resolving our current climate change crisis.We believe the book’s message is especially important in this current White House Administration. Many of the environmental protections that our featured environmentalists worked for are under threat; we hope that getting to know the “heroes” in our book and the background on their initiatives will renew support.

Protecting the Planet was published by Prometheus Books on November 30, 2016. The text is uplifting, inspiring and highlights what the reader can do to join the effort. The book has hit the US population at a time when the public seems ready to receive info and act on climate change. It promises great success – as one hero, biologist Thomas Lovejoy said, “This is going to be a valuable book because people identify with people. We are a social primate...and we spend a lot of time grooming each other (and ignoring the larger environment). But being a social primate means that you can learn from others.” We are targeting this human instinct, and coupled with an inspiring, actionable message, Protecting the Planet has resonated strongly with the public.