Professor Katharine Hayhoe has an unusual combination of character traits. She is a devout Christian, a creationist, and a scientist who promotes solving climate change. In our new book, Protecting the Planet, we tell you why Dr. Hayhoe’s belief system is so critical in our politically polarized society. We need people like her to convince conservatives and liberals to work together in stopping climate change.

Present Heroes -  Six Featured Heroes with more to come...

Former U.S. Representative, Bob Inglis, is a true rarity—a staunch conservative who believes in climate change. In our new book, Protecting the Planet, we tell you how Mr. Inglis decided that saving his soul—in terms of protecting the quality of life for his five children—was more than important than winning elections. While his climate change beliefs cost him his seat in Congress, he is now a leading advocate for climate change solutions on the political right.

Van Jones is one of CNN’s most liberal-leaning journalists, regularly debating the words and actions of the Trump Administration. But in our new book, Protecting the Planet, we explain how Mr. Jones has done more than any other newsman to bring sustainable living ideas and climate change actions to the low income and underserved masses of urban New York City. Two of his primary initiatives—the Green Collar Jobs Campaign and Green for All—are both aimed at creating racial and economic equality while simultaneously addressing environmental concerns.

When Professor Naomi Oreskes set out to explore the reality of climate change she discovered many things that simply didn’t add up. In our new book, Protecting the Planet, we tell you how Dr. Oreskes endured the slings and arrows of political hatred while turning her findings into her enlightening, yet extremely maddening book—and later a movie— Merchants of Doubt.

Bill Mckibben has organized more rallies than Lenin, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King combined. In our new book—Protecting the Planet, we tell you how he accomplished these feats—working through his movement—and what he believes the future holds for his 30+ year fight against climate change.

Many people believe that Leonardo DiCaprio is the finest actor of his generation. But the number one passion is his life is really environmental activism. In our book, Protecting the Planet, we tell you how childhood wanderings to see IMAX natural history films inspired Mr. DiCaprio to seriously consider giving up his acting career to take on the fossil fuel industry in fighting climate change.